Women’s Bath

Inspired by traditional Ottoman baths, our women’s baths have private entrances and exits. Women’s baths, consisting of warmth, temperature, ashen and undressing sections, provide a high level of purification. It is preferred to beautify, to be healthy, to purify the body and soul. Offering a luxurious experience, our women’s hammam options include beauty and care as well as special services for relaxation. You can also benefit from services such as massage, skin mask, salt room or sauna. With our hygienic, high quality standards, you will experience the perfect women’s hammam experience with us. We also have the option of a private family room. You can choose a private family room to enjoy the Turkish bath with your family and enjoy the Turkish bath experience in a healthy and hygienic environment.

For thousands of years women have sought beauty in various places. Women’s baths have been popular for centuries for their relaxing, purifying and beautifying effect. The water and steam effect in the hammams provides physical purification and keeps the body in shape. It also deeply cleanses the skin and enhances skin beauty. Baths can be preferred to be more beautiful and happier with their effects such as relaxation and stress relief. Skin care and special masks can also be preferred from hammam services. Options such as a salt room are service options that enhance beauty. You can easily benefit from our women’s bath services that bring beauty, health and happiness to life. Once you experience a quality and traditional women’s hammam with us, you will feel more beautiful and happy. Baths have very positive effects on people. You can evaluate our Turkish bath options to add beauty, happiness, quality and health to your life.

What to do in a Women’s Bath?

In women’s baths, there are attendants called natır to make scrubs and foam. In men’s baths, tellaks do the same job. In women’s baths, you can have a scrub, foam and massage. The umbilicus can be relaxed. Hot water baths and steam baths can be done. You can swim in the pool. It is also possible to have a special massage and skin care within the women’s hammam services. Hot water is poured from hot water fountains and poured on the body. This process is repeated several times. Thanks to all these, the body is cleansed of toxins and deep cleansing is achieved with massage and scrubbing. You can stay in the hammam for an hour or two to relax in the hot steam environment.

What are the Prices for Women’s Baths?

Going to the hammam once a week or once every two weeks is beneficial for human health. It is beneficial not only for the body but also for mental and nervous health. Women’s bath prices vary according to the services included. Scrub-foam and hammam is a classic package. Massage can also be added. The pool is included in the package. You can experience the luxury women’s hammam experience with us at an affordable price. You can choose Sultan Hammams to enjoy a hygienic, high quality traditional women’s hammam at affordable prices. You can enjoy Turkish bath at advantageous prices and take advantage of our privileged Sultan Hammam opportunities. You can see the difference of luxury experience with architectural design and special services that will make you feel like a sultan.

Women’s Bath Making a Difference with Its Historical Texture

Reflecting the beauty secrets of Ottoman architecture, our women’s bath options make a difference with their historical texture. You can have a perfect time by choosing our women’s hammam services that offer the original Ottoman hammam experience. You can choose from our women’s hammam options that allow you to experience the rich Turkish bath culture in every detail. With its rich historical texture and modern service facilities, Sultan Kadın Hamamı adds quality to your life. You can review and evaluate our historical women’s bath options on our page to experience beauty, health, comfort and happiness. You can choose our hammams adorned with unique Ottoman architecture to experience the original hammam experience. You will feel like a sultan with privileged facilities. It is enough to take a look at Sultan Suleiman Baths located in different locations to have a perfect bath experience with its historical texture and modern service facilities.