Scrub & Foam

Sultan Süleyman Hammam

Scrub & Foam

The slippery property of the soap ensures relaxation during the application and therefore stress therapy. Scrub and foam massage is a type of massage and purification that requires a little more pressure than relax massage.

The scrub foam massage, which is completed in an average of 30 minutes in the standard of Sultan Süleyman Hammams, does not require the use of an extra massage oil due to the special properties of the soap.

Foam massage, which positively affects the blood circulation rate, causes you to feel a unique feeling at every touch due to the foams that envelop the whole body with a silky texture.

Due to the principle of excretion of toxins through the skin pores, this process increases in the application of scrub and foam massage and your skin’s regeneration reflex is accelerated at the same rate. As Sultan Süleyman Hammams, we recommend you to have a scrub foam session at least once a week.