Sultan Süleyman Hammam


Turkish baths with Turkish pools are known as historical and cultural baths from the Ottoman period to the present day and are built specially from the past to the present. Quality materials are used from the initial start to the final stage. It is a very important element for architects to pay attention to the rate of meticulousness in the construction of baths with pools. Baths with pools are not only used for bathing. These baths are essential for physical and spiritual health. It has serious benefits in terms of physical and spiritual purification.

What are the Health Benefits of a Bath with Pool?

  • It reduces sinus blockages caused by cold asthma or allergic conditions.
  • It has a very high share in keeping your skin young and fresh.
  • It relieves your stress and takes your negative energy.
  • It is very useful in cleaning the lymph system in our body.
  • It regulates your metabolism as well as accelerates your blood flow.
  • It provides a spiritual purification.

There should also be some subtleties in the structure of the pool Turkish baths. There should be ventilation and heating systems. Our pool baths, which we design in quality and in the most proper way, comply with all quality standards.

Important Factors in Pool Bath Construction

  • It is to be designed and built from a single source.
  • The marbles used in pool construction are non-porous.
  • The general structure should be hard.
  • Special design of water channels
  • Ideal size of faucet and basin heights
  • Special heating system for the navel stones
  • Adequate ventilation systems
  • Marbles have the ability to heat correctly