Male Hammam

Reflecting the unique richness of Ottoman architecture, our men’s hammam options offer the perfect Turkish bath experience. You will see the traces of luxurious Ottoman architecture in all details such as the navel stone, hot water fountains and pool. Men’s baths are staffed by tellaks who scrub and foam. The expert and experienced masseuses will ensure that you are cleansed with a massage after the relaxing scrub-foam. You can catch the original Ottoman bath spirit you are looking for in Sultan Süleyman Baths, which raises the standards of men’s baths. All of our hammam options complement the traditional structure with modern functional services. You will feel privileged while benefiting from luxurious, high quality and hygienic men’s bath services. Men’s baths have been preferred for purposes such as relaxation, cleansing, pleasure and purification since ancient times. Today, it is still possible to experience this pleasure with us in the original Ottoman baths.

Combining the traditional Ottoman men’s bath structure with modern services, Sultan Hammams offer unique experiences. You can take yourself on a journey through history with fountains, marbles and ceiling decorations reflecting the rich historical texture of luxurious Ottoman architecture. Our hammam options, which also open you up in terms of atmosphere, offer different alternatives in terms of location. You can see luxury service and modern facilities in our baths. If you want to find yourself in the luxury of an original Ottoman bath while choosing a men’s bath, just choose Sultan Süleyman Baths. You will be impressed by the rich cultural details in our men’s bath design. You will always experience the difference of being privileged with luxury service in our baths.

What to Do in a Men’s Bath?

Men’s baths have facilities such as hot water-steam, scrub-foam-massage, pool. Tellaks can be given a scrub-foam-massage. The body can be relaxed in the umbilical stone. Cleansing and relaxation can be achieved with hot water. Lying on the navel stone reduces stress. A scrub for the skin is a great purifier. Many factors that cleanse the body from toxins are found together in the hammam. Our luxury men’s hammam services include massage, skin care and sauna. Deep cleansing and purification is provided. People who go to the hammam once a week are healthier and happier. You can go to the hammam not only to get clean but also to relax and relieve stress. You can benefit from modern hammam services in a traditional Turkish bath environment, or you can cool off by taking a dip in the pool after you feel hot.

How Much Are Male Bath Prices?

Men’s bath prices vary according to service content. For example, you may want to have a scrub-foam-massage or you may prefer a special massage. Belly stone, pool, hot water, steam are the elements included in a classic hammam package. You can experience luxury and quality men’s hammam experience with us at the most affordable price. By taking advantage of our advantageous price opportunities, you can have a great time in the original Ottoman men’s hammam environment and services. It is also possible to benefit from privileged service opportunities by choosing discounted packages. It is enough to contact us to get a price according to the services you desire. You can also benefit from special services such as skin care, private massage, salt room or sauna. You can browse our page to easily choose the best quality men’s bath at the best prices.

Where to Find the Original Ottoman Men’s Bath?

Located in luxury hotels all over Istanbul, the Sultan Suleiman Baths are the original Ottoman baths. You can choose Sultan Hammams to experience the original Ottoman men’s baths. You can evaluate the historical Acemoğlu Bath in Fatih. If you wish, you can also experience the Turkish Bath in a luxury hotel environment. We also have hammams in luxury hotels such as Great Fortune Hotel, The Peak Hotel, Azra Sultan Hotel. If you are wondering where the best quality and original Ottoman men’s baths in Turkey are, just take a look at our page. By booking a place in the hotels, you will have the opportunity to experience a luxury hammam experience at an affordable price. You can contact us to have the most luxurious experiences in the best hammams at affordable prices. You can discover the quality of service you will be satisfied with in Sultan Baths, which make a difference with its excellent historical texture.