Bridal Bath

Sultan Süleyman Hammam

The bridal bath, which has witnessed a history and bears the deep traces of history at every point, is frequently preferred by many brides-to-be today. Especially in recent times, bridal bath entertainment helps to create unforgettable moments for both the bride-to-be and the guests. Sultan Sülyman Hammams is waiting for you to keep this tradition alive and spend a wonderful day with your favorite friends.

Before the wedding, you need to take care of both your skin and your mind.

One of the most suitable places to prepare both physically and mentally for this special day is the Turkish bath. In our bridal bath, we first take our bride to our bridal room and prepare her with her bridal robe, we give them their caftans to accompany our bridesmaids and move to the entertainment area for the throne ceremony. After the henna ritual takes place, we take the bride and guests into our specially decorated hammam. Here we entertain our guests with various regional melodies. Our bride is given a sultan massage, pouch and milk bath worthy of Sultans. You can also enjoy the pool, sauna, jacuzzi and steam room to the fullest.

An important wedding tradition is the ceremony organized for the bride in the hammam the day before the wedding. In the bridal bath ritual, the bride is scrubbed and washed, food is eaten and entertainment is organized. In the bridal bath, which is a very old tradition, various customs are also fulfilled while relieving stress with music and treats. The bride is decorated and comes to the hammam wearing jewelry. The washing of the bride in the hamam is organized as a special ceremony and is attended by family and friends. This bath ceremony with music, food and lots of laughter helps the bride to relieve stress before the wedding. We offer a luxurious Turkish bath experience while offering a special bridal bath service at Sultan Suleiman Baths. In the unique design of Ottoman architecture, we enable you to perform the bridal bath ritual in the original way.

Discover Bridal Bath Service Worthy of Sultans

You can make the choice of bridal bath, which comes first as a fun and very enjoyable custom among wedding customs, in a quality way with our private bath service worthy of sultans. You can experience unforgettable Turkish bath memories in our hammams that host the bride, her family and friends like sultans. Inspired by Ottoman traditions, you can choose the right address with us for the bridal bath, which is offered with modern services. Sultan Baths are modern and luxurious baths designed according to Ottoman traditions. You will experience special services and events with us for bridal bath organizations, which are the most special times for brides. You can either plan your own organization or you can choose the luxurious and stylish organization we make. We plan and fully realize all the details for you, from an unforgettable traditional ceremony to music, food or other events.

What are the Bridal Bath Customs?

It is an old tradition for brides to be presented by the groom’s family before the wedding. The sighting event organized in the hammam has become more modern today. Today, the bridal bath is an event where the bride and her family relieve stress and have fun. Washing and sacrificing the bride is among the customs. It is also customary for brides to decorate and wear jewelry. Tambourines are the most popular symbols of this organization. The music and food should follow the traditional bridal bath ceremony. It is also customary for the bride to wear jewelry in the hammam. The bride is brought to the center and dances to songs. It is an enjoyable event where everyone has fun and dances.

How to Organize a Bridal Bath Event?

We organize a luxurious and high quality bridal bath event as a special organization. We plan everything from food to music to tambourines and realize everything in a complete way. You can also plan this event yourself. According to tradition, it is usually the mothers-in-law who organize the hammam for the bride. Music, food and entertainment are a must at a hammam event. The bride’s adornment and jewelry also reinforces the tradition. Nowadays, this event can also be planned as a bachelor party. You can always get support from us for professional planning. In this way, you can make the bridal bath event with everything ready without getting tired and wasting time. If you want to organize a pleasant event for brides and families, you can get support from our consultants.

Who Comes to the Bridal Bath?

This is an event where the boy’s side and the girl’s side meet at the hamam. In addition to families, friends can also participate in this event. Generally, the details of the bath organization are decided by the mothers-in-law. But things are a bit different today. The bride and her friends do the planning. The bridal bath, which is perceived more as entertainment and the fulfillment of traditions, is very enjoyable. It is a tradition that every bride must experience. You can benefit from the services of Sultan Hammams to organize a luxurious, high quality and enjoyable hammam event. The Sultan Suleiman Baths feature Ottoman architecture that gives you the perfect Turkish bath experience. You can choose the unique designs of Sultan Hammams for a fun and traditional bridal bath event that provides unforgettable moments.